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Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Quick Dinner

Having expended way to much energy over the past couple of days, yet sticking with my resolve to work out as often as possible, I was faced with the dilemma of what could I eat that would be quick and somewhat reasonable to eat.

A huge Super Burrito! NO!

What would the point of working out be if I then go and plow more calories and fat into my body than I could possibly justify with a simple workout. I was literally in the car to go get a burrito, when I realized this was not a good plan.

Instead, I got out the broccolini I had in the fridge, a package of fresh pasta from the Phoenix Pastifacio in Berkeley and a little uncured bacon, render the bacon, oil poach the broccolini and cook the pasta, toss in the wok and you get a really delicious and very fast dinner.

Yes, that is the true color, oil poaching, while not the lowest calorie form of preparing the vegetables provided a beautiful green color and a light crunch while still be quick and easy to manage. The veggies never left the wok after 3 minutes in hot oil, the pasta was tossed in and tossed with a few chunks of bacon. Nothing else needed, maybe a little Phu Quoc black pepper ground over the top.


  1. There was no taro ice cream to be found in my home that night :)

  2. I wish there were a like button (like in facebook) that I could click for your comment. :D

  3. I knew you would like that taro ice cream comment.