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Monday, September 12, 2011

The Death of Civility

Part 1
Today, as I left the car parts store, I chanced to approach the exit door as a man stepped through it, the wrong way, thus blocking my path, he held the door then leaned out and yelled at his wife (and I quote) "c'mon, hurry up bitch!" I wonder if this makes him think he is more masculine, stronger or greater because he can crudely demean another person.

I guess I have grown tired of late, of the death of civility, the name calling, the broken hearts and broken dreams, the endless parade of hate and distrust, I am even tired of cooking.

I think it is time for me to go back to the gym.

Part 2
Again, something that has nothing to do with food...something brought this memory to me. From my late Uncle Henry, who taught me all the things a son does not learn from his father when the son has stopped listening because he knows better than dad.

One day, when we were working, hard physical labor, under hot and dry conditions, and I was whining, as tennage boys are wont to do. Like many Japanese men, he told me I was born to a noble family, I told him the samurai were dead.. He pulled me aside, told me to sit down, drink some water and listen. He told me this...

You are samurai by birth, a warrior in soul and spirit, who serves his family and home with honor and valor.
You are Ronin by choice, serving no lord, but your family and all of those you would love and cherish as if they were master.
You are Servant and Companion, at your best, carrying the burden for others, that they might more easily carry theirs when the load gets heavy.

another of his axioms...when I questioned that it seemed that I was carrying the heaviest load of work (there never seemed to be a shortage of hard physical labor under hot conditions with Uncle Henry, unless it was freezing, of course) compared to others...

A strong man is at his greatest when he kneels before the weakest and bids them command him, that all would succeed.

Today, I ended up a little sadder than when I started.

I would add, I don't think I ever really did know more than the old man did. Dammit!


  1. I don't know what to say to cheer you up, humanity is sometimes a sad thing to observe up close. I was wrong to my mom today so I am also sad, and I just took a long nap to escape the feeling a little.
    When I'm tired of cooking, packaged ramen is pretty good. :-P Not the American brands though.

  2. Anyone can get a little testy, it was the aggression. Ah well, I am far from perfect as well and noodles do help.