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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Brussels Sprout Hash

One of the staples of my journeys to Tahoe with my friends Rob and Michael is Brussels Sprouts Hash, this is largely due to Rob's love of both hash and Brussels sprouts. One of the most hated and misunderstood vegetables of all time. When fresh and in season, especially straight off the stalk, these little cabbages are delicious and nutrient packed. The principal is pretty simple, some photos.

Taters and Carrots

Organic Ruby Crescent potatoes, chopped and mixed with some small carrots, cut from the stem. These were slowly fried with some chicken fat and olive oil, as olive oil is healthy.

Sprouts and Onions

The cleaned and sliced Brussles Sprouts along with some chopped onion, the heat was turned up a touch to get these going. I also added several pinches of sea salt to aid in wilting. I also added some Red Boat fish sauce to punch the umami, you will notice, no meat at this point. Once things cooked in a bit, I added a few sprinkles of The Rub Company Santa Maria rub. Finally, just before serving, I added some medium grind Phu Quoc black pepper, just a pinch or two.

I then fried and egg or two, screwed it up and ended up with soft scrambled eggs. Oh well, it still tasted great.
It ain't perfect

At least didn't overcook the eggs. Which was a good thing, as it still tasted great.


  1. I saw this post and immediately thought of you. You're not the only one to mix brussel sprouts with fish sauce. :D

  2. Nice. Great to see you run with the Brussel Sprout hash idea. If you don't have brussel sprouts you can do like the Swedish Chef and throw a head of cabbage in the air and shoot it with a shotgun. Try it!